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My steamy story Power Play is now available for download to willing computers and readers everywhere.
"A seductive brat tempts a sexy artist to risk his one shot at partnership for a fling with her. But when he takes control, who will come out on top?"
When I wrote this erotic romance novella, I wondered what kind of woman could seduce a man to risk his hard-won career to be with her. What if there was the danger of them being discovered any minute? I thought it would be fun to see how he'd plan his payback. What would he do if he had complete control over her for a night?

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This story was a finalist in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight contest for new erotic romance. (See the picture of me receiving my award at their Burlesque Party in NYC on my facebook page.)
I enjoy writing steamy and erotic love stories with a sprinkling of comedy. The women in my books dare to ask for their desires, so they truly will be satisfied ever after. Be careful what you wish for...
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