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When I joined Romance Writers of America in 2006, I thought I knew a lot about writing. I had a degree from UCLA in Fine Arts and years of experience in various types of writing. But writing fiction is quite different!
I've attended a dozen worshops a year since then, plus 5 national conferences, for a total of 100+ workshops/lectures relating to writing fiction. I've learned so much, and would like to share some of that with you.

Articles for Published Authors and New Writers

The Right Food for Writers, and Writer's Block!
Erotica vs Erotic Romance vs Steamy Romance
Preparing for Conference
Booksigning Tips

Articles for New Writers

Writing fiction is different from formal writing. Although correct grammar and punctuation are very important, there is a certain amount of leeway with sentence structure and fragments. If you are writing commercially, in other words if you want to sell your stories, they have to have strong characterization and plot. Romance writing has specific requirements as well--the relationship needs to have a story arc in addition to that of the hero and/or heroine.
Sub-genres of Romance
How to Write a Good Query Letter
Easy Reading Writing
There are many wonderful books on writing. I will be listing several here.

Resources for Writers
The Costumer's Manifesto - good resource on period clothing
Word Origins
Western Slang, Lingo and Phrases
Catch and Release Used Books!