"I am shocked and appalled at the treatment that erotic literature has gotten recently..."

  Chellesie B

    “For historical romance, authors are lauded for their extensive research. However, history books are only secondary sources, therefore one step removed from the true history. Primary sources would require finding the actual words of your character, but since they are fictional, alas that is not possible. With erotica, serious authors such as myself are able to do first-hand research, and professional that I am, I do as much research as possible, as often as possible.

    My husband is of course quite proud of my diligence, and will happily tell you so, once he has sufficiently recuperated.”

    Chellesie B. Dancer enjoys writing steamy contemporary and historical romance with a sprinkling of comedy. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and has published articles in various chapter's newsletters. Her personal passion is natural healing, so some of her characters improve their health along with their love lives. The women in her books dare to ask for their desires, so they truly will be satisfied ever after. Be careful what you wish for...
    Chellesie lives on top of a hill in sunny Southern California. Sometimes it gets really hot there, and not the fun kind of hot. Other than writing, she entertains at parties as an M.C., a paleontologist's assistant, and occasionally a dancing gorilla. She's the mother of three beautiful boys and an assortment of other critters. Luckily her husband cooks!

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